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MostlyJoe says"Aint no use baby, puttin' down my pride and pickin' up the phone/ I can call your number all night long, won't get nothin' but a busy tone"-Aint No Use Blues, MJH

I came into this life loving music. After experimenting with different instruments, I settled on the one I love most: Guitar.
Since my beginning, I have had many brands and types of guitar, electric and acoustic. I currently play a Martin HD35 acoustic, a truly wonderful instrument.
Starting out playing good old Rock & Roll, I eventually came to also love Folk, Country, Classical, Jazz, Bluegrass, and especially Blues.
Over the years I have played both in bands and individually. In earlier days I took the proverbial trip to LA to see about becoming a World Famous Rock Star! (I'm still waiting to hear back on that....)
I love performing passionately and enjoy all kinds of audiences.
As time goes on, my love for music is stronger than ever. I specialize in acoustic Rock, Country, Folk, and Blues songs- contemporary and originals- that give me the means to bring forth my deepest musical feeling- my "soul".